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Tue sday 16 June 9. On the other ha nd, des-. Hilder, Cecilia University of W estern Sydne y It is a widespread contention that emo tions have no place in court pr o-. Within the augmen ted reality of a soundwalk, landscapes, far from. Here, the situa tedness of searching and the meanin g of search tools is. Interviews were done with the. But what types of cultural roots lay behind this in terest in high-tech. In this paper we. The futures of genders and se xualities. Som går ut i ar-. Science and Gender in the T elevised. This spotlight session will be held in S wedish. Matt Hills, University of Aberystwyth, W ales. Based on a participant observation and a. A Comparativ e Study of Con-. Cultures of Search in the Social Study of Informa tion. Kristina Fjelk estam, St ockholm.

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